Q: Who see the world through the eyes of their customers?

A: Customer advocates

Click here to see what gave the WD-40 Smart Straw™ the revenue-minded edge.

Finalists for the Customer Advocate Award included a consumer packaged goods product, networking security software and financial services web-based product. The winner was WD-40 Smart Straw, with vote of 8.5 on a scale of 1 through 10. WD-40 Company’s Director for Global Innovation presented at Top Line Conference, in Palo Alto on May 17. Stephanie Barry shared how WD-40 obsessed about the needs of customers and came up with a solution that made a real difference to the top line.

What the finalists demonstrated was that revenue-minded marketing is about creating value for customers. WD-40 saw their product through the eyes of real users. They watched how people used the product and determined what might make the product better in practice (not just in the lab). The result was a measurable growth in their top line.

Customer Advocacy™ Award

Conference attendees (in-person and online) will be instructed to vote for the presentation that reveals a company doing the best job of solving problems for customers. The company that shows how everyone in the organization is making the lives of customers better or easier is most likely to win. They will be honored with the Customer Advocacy Award presented by Turner DeVaughn.


Video of each executive presentation and questions from the panelists are viewable online.


Anyone who watches online may post constructive criticism or give kudos next to each presentation.


The Customer Advocacy Award is based on the will of the Top Line entrepreneurial community.