Q: What did people learn?

A: Speakers, panelists and audience shared war stories and best practices

Top Line Conference & Marketing Workshop

What Sells? Products that compel people to buy — value and utility unavailable anywhere else.

Opening remarks by Stephen Turner

Spotting opportunities: High-growth markets and demographics

Keynote speech by Carlos S. Baradello, Ph.D. Director, International Business Accelerator and Professor of Entrepreneurship, USF

Marketing at inflection points: What to do at the different stages of growth

Marketing at inflection points: What to do at the different stages of growth

Panel discussion led by Stan DeVaughn

WD-40 Company: Established with sustained revenue

Learn how the consumer brand you've known for years — WD-40 — took a fresh look at familiar product and made it seem new again. WD-40 looked at their product line from the eyes of the people who were buying it!

PIANO Networks: Early-stage with initial revenue

See how an ex-Cisco engineer developed a secure content-management product unlike anything else. Piano Networks started by “getting” the point of view of a network software user.

Holonym: Start-up with no revenue

Share the lessons being learned by a technology start-up founded by a former customer service executive. Learn how Holonym strives for a distinctive value proposition inspired by the zero-defect philosophy of W. Edwards Deming.


Video of each executive presentation and questions from the panelists are viewable online.


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The Customer Advocacy Award is based on the will of the Top Line entrepreneurial community.